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let me start off by saying the my hometown is set in the idyllic pinetrees of Northern Arizona. We're a football town, we're a historic town (territorial capital of Arizona before it was moved to phoenix, doc holiday died there, the "world oldest rodeo" is there) but we're also a town stuck. when I graduated high school in 1997, i could tell you that there were four African American students in the school, and I graduated with 3 of them. the rest of the student population was white and native american with some hispanic. but the majority was definitely felt. I love my hometown for a lot of things. but yesterday, I kind of hated it. a lot.

because first there was this: Art Attack: Elementary school mural getting a 'lighter' facelift - The Prescott Daily Courier - Pres

Which upset me because A) I went to that school and it's a beautiful mural and it represents the changing landscape in my hometown. a friend of mine who is a resident there, posted two follow up articles here and here

both responses are representative to what a lot of people feel is going on in my little crazy hometown. i haven't talked to my parents yet, but i'm pretty sure my mom doesn't like the mural, despite her somewhat forward thinking ways. *snort* if she only knew about her forward thinking daughter. But I digress. the thing that frustrates me the most.

Someone in Prescott must love livejournal because my little hometown has made the ONTD LJ. i'm afraid to go see what they're saying about it, because I already know. It's kind of like how when W was president and being an ass, how people judged the entire country by him. now people are judging prescott by a city councilman who is still stuck in the 1950's. That's not what Prescott should be about and i know that my town is not the only one that suffers from this but still. what kind of message is that sending?

if you're interested in the ONTD LJ comments etc go here
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