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 Art Prompt Title: 2015
Art link: Art Masterpost
Artist: [ profile] silentthunder_x 

Fic Title: I Came To Make A Bang
Author: [ profile] freetodream5 
Fandom/Genre: J2 RPS
Pairing(s): Jensen Ackles/Christian Kane; Past Mention of Jensen Ackles?Jason manns
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,954
Warnings: Cursing, between boys? Also, so not beta'd yet. But as soon as it is, I'll update the fic with the cleaner version. If you notice something glaring, please PM me and let me know, and not leave it in the comments, thanks!

Summary: “Two roads diverted in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost.

This story is based heavily on elements from the movie S.W.A.T. Some of the dialogue is taken from the movie itself, so if you recognize it, that’s where it came from. I twisted some things around, and I hope you like it.

Thanks: I’d like to thank my artist, silentthunder_x who has had the patience of a saint, as well as the mods at spn_reversebang. Thank you for being willing to switch dates and not kill me. This was a fun experience and I hope to be able to do it again next year!

Six months and 5 days ago give or take a few days…

The last time Jensen Ackles had seen the inside of an interrogation room, he was on the other side of the glass, watching. He’d actually done an interrogation once, which was unusual but occasionally the detectives like to scare the perps they caught alive and freak em out with the brash and ballsy members of SWAT. This time though, things were different. Jensen was the one being interrogated. He fucking hated it.

He had had changed a lot-both personally and professionally. He was no longer on SWAT-thanks to a botched incident six months previous. His best friend since childhood-Jason Manns-had defied orders and gone into a hostage situation before given the go-ahead. Jason had shot a hostage-and had lost his position on SWAT.

-One year ago-

The Captain-Richard Dean Anderson-was a hard ass when he wanted to be but he believed in second chances. He'd offered one –six months in the gun cage-to the both of them. As team leader, Jensen was responsible for his team and by not stopping Jason the consequences made Jensen just as to blame as Jason.

Jason hadn't taken the offer that well. He’d called Anderson among other things a bastard and it had only been because Jensen had been there to hold him back that the worst thing to come of Jason’s outburst had been his firing. The LT had led Jason out and Anderson had asked Jensen to stay. Jensen remembered the conversation with amazing detail. The surety in the Captain’s voice that he was certain Jensen was going to turn on his friend, his brother still bothered him.

It bothered Jensen so much that he had left the office disgusted. Not at himself mind you, but at the politics being exhibited in the office. He was all about the job, saving lives, locking up the evil sons of bitches that threatened the safety of those in the Los Angeles area. Others though were all about saving face and looking good to the public. He was tired of it

Entering the locker room, Jensen wasn’t surprised to see Jason slamming things around as he packed up what meager belongings he kept there. Jensen know where the majority of his belongings were. But he didn’t want to dwell on that.

“Fuck man, fuck them all. This place, the reasons we came here, they aren’t holding up anymore Jensen,” Jason said, slamming his locker door shut, running a hand through his brown hair. Jensen stared at him from the mirror he was standing in front of, trying to see if he could see any cracks, or what had led to his friend messing up so badly.

“The captain,” Jensen started, turning around to lean against the sink, arms crossed over his chest just below the shield on his shirt.

“The ‘captain’,” Jason snarled back, crooking his fingers into quotation marks as he said the rank of the man that had just fired him, “can kiss my ass. I did what was right! That thing would have gone to shit if I-“

“You shot a hostage Jason! You shot a goddamn hostage,” Jensen fired back, uncurling his arms, stepping forward, getting into Jason’s space. He wanted to make the other man see what he’d done was wrong. He needed Jason to understand.

“Is that what you told them? Is that what you did? Rolled over for the Captain and told him what a bad boy I was,” Jason got right up in Jensen’s face then. Jensen didn’t back down, he wouldn’t, but he was going to make damned sure that Jason knew where he stood.

“Is that what you think I did?” Jensen said back coolly, green eyes narrowing.

“Fuck them man. Fuck you. Let’s just, get out of here. Go on our own. We have the skills, we can do this, help people, on our own,” Jason’s tone changed quickly, from one of anger to almost pleading. Jensen could see it in his eyes; Jason was lost, and needed help, needed to know that his best friend was here.

Jensen was torn. He’d lived and breathed getting into SWAT after his discharge from the Navy as a Navy Seal. This is what he wanted to do. But his gut was telling him pretty plainly that to leave Jason on his own would come back to haunt him. They’d been friends since childhood; and something more for the last couple years. So there was only one thing, one way for Jensen to go.

“Fuck em all”

Six Months and 5 days ago give or take a few days…

So here Jensen sat, waiting, not so patiently. A job had gone wrong. Sure, working outside the police lines led to the occasional run in with them. But as a bounty hunter with a license, Jensen knew his limits. But this last job had gone wrong. Jason went off the reservation and Jensen had been left to clean up the pieces. That meant sitting in the most uncomfortable chair he’d ever sat in while he waited for whoever was going to interrogate him.

“Well the prodigal returns, not too worse for wear I see,” Jensen jumped as Captain Anderson walked into the room. He wasn’t so startled that he wouldn’t show the man the courtesy of his position by standing though. He had nothing to hide here and by not showing respect, he would only look guiltier. Captain Anderson’s hair had only gotten grayer, the wrinkles around his eyes a little deeper. But Jensen still saw the man that had tried to give him a chance back before he followed Jason off the reservation.

“Wish I could say the same for you sir,” Jensen replied back, half smirk, half grin making the sides of his green eyes crinkle. He was rewarded with a smile back which eased some of the tension in Jensen’s gut.

Anderson took a seat and settled in. He leaned back crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head. “I wish though Ackles, that I wish it was good to see you, but you know what we’re dealing with here,” Anderson may have looked laid back, without a care in the world if you judged him on his posture. But Jensen had long been a person who studied body language and what wasn’t being said. With Jason completely off the reservation, and yet another hostage situation gone FUBAR, Jensen knew that this was going to be a huge clusterfuck.

“I know the feeling. Never thought I’d end up on this side. So, let’s cut to the chase, what are my options here,” Jensen wasn’t one to beat around the bush, and he knew Anderson wasn’t either. Anderson sat up a little straighter and leaned forward in his chair, placing his elbows on the table, hands up and folding in front of his face.

“Well, we’ve obviously got a situation here. Manns’ has gone so far off the grid that finding him and making him difficult to get with. But we’ll deal with that in time. My current problem is that you and your partner made such a good name for yourself in what you do, that it’s starting to make SWAT look bad. But besides that, you’re good at what you do, and I’m not the only one who thinks you’re wasting your potential here. It was a crime to let you walk away six months ago and I’d like to rectify that,” Anderson explained calmly.

Jensen was taken aback. That had not been what he had expected to hear. He’d expected a dress down and possibly a beat down. But he never expected to here that speech from a contrite and almost apologetic sounding former employer.

“So what…this is…what is going on here,” Jensen asked, not bothering to hide the confusion in his voice. His brain was going nuts trying to figure out what the hell Anderson was angling for.

“Ackles, you and your partner have done more for the bounty hunting racket than that guy in Hawaii, what’s his name-“ Anderson paused, snapping his fingers and Jensen shook his head.

“Dog?” Jensen offered.

“Yeah, him” Anderson grinned then continued on. “This last thing was a cluster fuck, but people follow you, they like you, they see what you’re doing, and frankly, I want you back on SWAT using that charm and that know-how of yours to make SWAT better. Come back, and I’ll forget the whole telling me to fuck off thing and we’ll call it even,” Anderson finished explaining.

Jensen sat there and stared for a full minute before he busted up laughing. Then he pinched himself and continued to laugh, all while Anderson looked torn between joining him or getting angry. Jensen eventually got control of himself and looked at Anderson.

“Are you delusional? Why the hell would I want to come back? Everyone thinks that fucking turned on Jason anyway, why would I put myself in a situation like that?”

Before Anderson could answer, the door to the interrogation room entered and Jensen once again found himself staring. Jeffery Dean Morgan was a legend among the ranks of SWAT past and present. Last Jensen had heard, he’d retired from SWAT to work in some other precinct across town.

“Anderson wants to put himself in that situation, as you say, because I asked him to. We need you back in SWAT using your skills the way you were meant to. Especially since I know you can handle this,” Morgan said, throwing a folder onto the table and letting it slide across to the man. Jensen took it and flipped it open. He knew that face.

Misha Collins was a somewhat famous English Mobster-if only because he’d moved to Los Angeles to become a somewhat ridiculous character actor. But he’d made a fatal mistake about a month ago. He’d killed some rival actor-Aldis Hodge-and was using his limited mob ties to stay hidden. Jensen closed the file and looked at Morgan, eyebrow raised, still somewhat confused.

“Even though he’s a low-time mobster, he’s pretty well connected, enough that he’s below the radar. We want you to come back, use those amazing skills to track him and bag him and transport him to the federal pen. I don’t see where the disconnect in understanding this is,” Morgan said gruffly, standing there waiting for Jensen to make up his mind.

“The disconnect? The disconnect is that I should be locked up for getting into this fucking mess with Jason Manns, not getting my old job back!” Jensen shouted incredulously, slamming his hands down on the table. It was too surreal. This was some fucking toked up dream, or he’d been shot during the last hostage situation and he was bleeding out and hallucinating. Either way, it didn’t sit right with him.

Anderson shook his head and Morgan looked ready to explode but before he could, Anderson started speaking.

“If you do this, help us with Collins, we’ll overlook this whole thing-“

“That’s against every law every written and you know it,” Jensen interrupted.

“Damn it Ackles, it’s simple. Join SWAT again and we’ll give you the resources to hunt down not only Collins but your buddy Manns and we’ll exonerate you on the charges. What’s so difficult to understand about that?” Morgan yelled, throwing up his hands and walking towards the door.

Jensen really thought about it. It was the most cracked out idea he’d ever heard of. But it was an opportunity to find himself again. Even before Jason had gone off the reservation, Jensen had been growing apart from the man, from what they were doing. He second-guessed himself every day about what they were doing. So maybe it was karma trying to tell him that he needed this chance that the hostage situation had gone to hell. Maybe he was supposed to be back on SWAT.

“You sure people will wanna work with what equates to a felon?” Jensen asked, breaking the odd silence that had descended into the interrogation room.

“I have no doubt these people will want to work with you,” Morgan said, smiling not at Jensen, but at the mirror in that Jensen was facing.

4 Days Ago

“Still no word on our boy?” Christian Kane-Chris to those in the inner circle of their SWAT team- asked as he came up behind Danneel Harris, who was reading the reports on their upcoming hunt of Misha Collins.

“Nope, not sense he left with Jared to check out a lead about Manns,” Danneel said, fixing her red hair into a messy ponytail at the top of her head. The team had recently passed their qualifications test to be SWAT. Instead of being given a bus, Anderson had arranged an airplane scenario for them instead. The only “casualty” on their team had been Riley Smith-a self-centered jerk that Jensen had the misfortune of pissing off first time they met. Apparently they had a history when Jensen was in SWAT the first time and Jensen beating Riley on the gun course might have had something to do with it. Riley had been a major douche since then.

“Saddle up boys and girls, we’ve got a Polish hostage,” Morgan said, striding into the room in his SWAT gear already, ray-bans fixed to his face. Chris arched a scarred eyebrow at his team leader, waiting for the more in-depth information.

“So what if he’s Polish?” Danneel asked confused as to why Morgan was calling their target that.

“He’s called a Polish hostage because he’s barricaded himself in his house and has threatened to blow himself up if anyone tries to enter,” Morgan explained, quenching Chris’ curiosity.

“Huh, well that’s new,” Riley said, coming into their squad room. He was barely acknowledged as Jensen and Jared came back in.

“Any luck?” Chris asked as he walked to his locker to grab his gear.

“Nothing, he’s in the wind again,” Jared answered as Jensen got his briefing from Morgan.

“That’s what, three times in the last week?” Chris fastened buttons and straps, eyeing Jensen out of the corner of his eye.

“Yeah, I’ll tell you later how he reacted,” Jared said as he set his wedding ring inside his locker and kissed the pictures on the door. Chris couldn’t help but grin at the man. He was tall, almost gargantuan; married to a doll of a wife named Sandy and doted on his kids, two year old twins Sadie & Harley. He was the most likeable in the bunch, easiest to get along with and had become fast friends with Jensen. The two of them were like Riggs and Murtaugh from that Leathal Weapon movie. Though Chris never did get a straight answer as to which one they were.

Chris nodded and finished lacing his boots as everyone else flowed out of the squad/locker room behind Morgan; leaving him alone with Jensen.

The other man was quiet and Chris could see the tension in his shoulders from the way he hunched them as he leaned his head against the locker. Chris quietly went to him and kneaded his neck with his calloused hand. Jensen turned his head and smiled at the other man.

“Buck up bro, let’s get the bad guy and then later I’ll work out the kinks at home, sound good?” Chris leaned in and whispered, showing a softer side that would make the others eyes boggle because if anything, Chris was a hard ass and didn’t show anyone except Danneel favor in the squad room and in the field.

“I like the sound of that,” Jensen graced the man with a small smile and then slipped back into work mode, got ready and headed out to figure out how best to get someone barricaded in their home with explosives out.

3 Days Ago

“Character Actor and accused mobster Misha Collins was arrested today in downtown Los Angeles today on what the LAPD is calling a miracle but has others calling a rare stroke of luck,”

“The arrest of Misha Collins puts to rest a month’s long investigation into the death of actor Aldis Hodge six months ago. Rest assured that the LAPD will do everything in its power to make sure that Mr. Collins is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,”

That was LAPD Captain Richard Dean Anderson reporting live from in front of the LAPD headquarters in downtown LA…

“I will give anyone who breaks me out of here ONE MILLION DOLLARS”

2 Days Ago

“I’ve got my best team on it. I understand that he’s a high stake prisoner, but no one expected him to try to escape FROM A BUS on his way to lock up yesterday. Yes, my team acted correctly and swiftly to secure the prisoner and I have no doubt that they will be the best people to continue to escort Collins. Yes sir, I understand sir, thank you sir,” Captain Anderson hung up the phone and pinched the bridge of his nose. He hated the politics he had to play in his job. He was never one that liked playing the political game; hell he never wanted to be in a leadership position. But the Chief had picked him and he did his job. He just didn’t have to like it.

Finally reigning in his frustration he looked up and across his desk at Lieutenant Morgan who was grinning at him.

“Oh just stop that right now, if you’re not careful you’ll be sitting here next,” Anderson exclaimed, shoving himself back from his desk to stand and pace.

“I’d retire again before anyone offered me your job. So what’d the chief have to say? My crew still involved in this till the bitter end?” Morgan didn’t move from his position of recline; he knew better when Anderson was pacing.

“Yeahsureyabetcha. The Chief is thrilled that your unit is the one that caught him after the failed attempt with the bus. They’re his favorite group. He’s even devised a clever plan to get Collins out of here and to the federal pen,”

“Do tell,”

“Helicopter tomorrow morning,”


“Do I look serious?”

1 Day ago

Jensen stared at himself in the mirror. He’d lost it on Collins and didn’t feel the least bit bad about it. It was his fault that two good men were dead and countless others were injured on the ground. If Collins had just accepted that he was caught and guilty, then two families wouldn’t be trying to figure out how to go on without their husbands and fathers.

“No matter how you think about it and twist it about in your head Jensen, it’s not going to change anything,” Chris’ voice floated in from outside the bathroom. Jensen sighed and turned and headed back out into his bedroom, leaning against the door jamb and took in the sight before him.

Chris, on Morgan’s orders, had taken Jensen home after the botched prisoner transfer on the roof. The rest of the crew was trying to find a lead on the shooter that had taken out the helicopter with a 40 caliber sniper shot. Jensen didn’t need to find a lead, he knew who it was. But the minute he walked into his apartment, he stopped thinking and let Chris take over.

He’d fought their relationship at first, not wanting to get himself into the same position that led Jensen to following blindly behind Jason and his dick. But Chris, from the beginning, had told Jensen that there were no strings in their relationship. They were essentially fuck buddies, but somehow they’d become more without even realizing it.

This is why Jensen was grateful for the distraction that was presented on his bed in the form of a naked Chris. Jensen didn’t waste any time and quickly walked the few feet from his bathroom to his bed and climbed up the bed to straddle the other man, shifting until they both groaned as their cocks rubbed together until Jensen was comfortable. Chris moved his hands from behind his head to grab at Jensen’s waist to steady him.

“Doesn’t mean I won’t try to change it,” Jensen breathed, leaning forward to place his hands on either side of Chris’ head. He started to rut against Chris then, hissing as his movements once again made their cocks, now starting to fill and lengthen with their arousal, came together. Chris leaned up and nipped at Jensen’s lips and then quickly flipped them so Jensen was beneath him and Chris’ hair created a curtain. Unconsciously Jensen moved his legs so that Chris could settle between them and waited for Chris to make a move.

Chris moved to his knees and moved his hands to grasp at Jensen’s legs behind his knees, moving them so that they touched his shoulders. As soon as Chris was sure that Jensen had hold of his legs, Chris lined up his cock with Jensen’s hole and thrust in. Jensen was still loose and lubed from their earlier coupling and Chris groaned at the feel of Jensen wrapped around him. It was hard, fast and dirty, with murmured endearments and deep kisses. Jensen came first, with Chris holding his wrists, holding him down and thrusting hard and deep. Chris thrust into him three more times before coming himself, spilling inside Jensen. Chris pulled out after the last bit of his orgasm washed over him and got out of bed to find something to clean the two of them up with. Jensen let go of his legs and stretched them out and raised his hands above his head.

“If you’re looking to get me to fuck you again, you gotta wait til at least tomorrow Ackles,” Chris said as he tossed the wet towel to Jensen before crawling onto the bed to join the other man.

“I think I’m all fucked out, at least of my head anyway,” Jensen said, finishing the clean up and tossing the cloth over the side of the bed.

“Good, now sleep, worry about the shit we gotta deal with tomorrow,” Chris leaned up and turned out the bedside light and plunged the room into darkness. For once, Jensen did just that.


“And finally we end up here, at the federal penitentiary. Any questions?” Captain Anderson finished, setting down his pointer stick and stepping away from the white board. The assembled group of police personnel, to Captain Anderson, looked overwhelmed. But the information he’d just given them was pertinent to what they were going to attempt.

Misha Collins was going to be transported today into federal custody and it was going to take every available LEO in the city to handle the logistics. He got nodded assents from the majority of the room and clapped his hands.

“Alright, lets it on,” Slowly everyone got up and left the interrogation room, ready to do their part. The first part was to convince any of the gangs in the city that if they were thinking of helping Collins escape, they’d have to figure out which vehicle he was in. It was a Vegas street card trick. Follow the lucky lady, and hope you choose correctly.

While the gangs were following the local LEO’s in the SUV’s, Ackles, Harris, Padalecki, Smith, Kane and Morgan were going to be leading Collins through the sewers to a set of waiting SUV’s ten blocks from the precinct. Once in the SUV’s they’d take a previously discussed route known only to them. Ackles, Smith and Padalecki would be in one vehicle, Morgan, Smith and Harris in another.

Everything started out fine. The decoy SUV’s left the downtown LAPD office and headed off in their different directions. When they were eventually ambushed, more LAPD swooped down to clear the area of the different men trying to get their crack at Collin’s promised one million dollars.

20 minutes after the decoy SUV’s left, Ackles and his team appeared above ground and quickly got into their SUV’s and headed on their prescribed route. Three turns in, everything went to shit. Jensen knew who was behind it, and he wished that he could have been shocked by the perpetrator of the entire thing. Once Jason Manns had separated the two SUV’s, Riley went into action and shot Padaleckin point blank in the chest. Jensen had never been so happy that they wore the Kevlar they did. Jason opened the door to where Jensen was sitting and demanded Jensen’s weapon and then hand cuffed Jensen to the steering well, but not before Jensen had alerted his teammates. Jason had then kissed him goodbye before taking off with Collins to god knew where.

An hour later and Jensen had escaped, Padalecki had received a clean bill of health and the quartet were out for blood. As more and more people called in to report Misha Collin’s sightings across the city, it was pretty easy to track Misha until Jensen and his team cornered Misha, Riley and Jason on a bridge. Which had led Jensen to the moment he had never wanted to come.

“Jason, it doesn’t have to be like this, it’s fucked but if you come with me-”Jensen yelled at the man across from him as the building started to explode around him. Jason had succeeded in doing almost the impossible-getting notorious English mobster and international criminal Misha Collins out of LAPD custody. If it had been any other circumstances, Jensen would have been impressed, but that wasn’t his life anymore and hadn’t been for a long time.

The LAPD had offered Jensen-Jeffrey Dean Morgan-had offered him a deal-use his tactics as a SEAL and a former merc for hire-in S.W.A.T. The elite unit had needed a new approach, new blood and to Jensen it had sounded like heaven with a catch.

Shaking his head and coming back to the present, Jensen stared at the man that had been his friend-his partner and more for a good long time. Jensen wasn’t quite sure how it had come to this, with the two of them standing across from each other in a burning building, but he knew that he wasn’t going to end like this.

Riley Smith was dead-killed with his own gun, a coward’s way out but Jensen really didn’t care, he’d deal with Riley’s betrayal later. Danneel Harris had been shot by Riley in the shoulder as they fought; before that Jared & Morgan were cleaning up the mess on the bridge as far as he knew. He hadn’t really had any time to check and see what was going on before he started after Jason. He wasn’t even sure he knew where Chris was-he assumed guarding Misha. So Jensen knew it was really going to come down to him and Jason.

“Fuck you very much. We coulda been fucking rich, you coulda stopped this fucking need to be a hero shit. Damn it Jensen, I did this for you!” Jason shouted back. Jensen had just enough time to look affronted before he had to dive away from his position as more of the building exploded around him. Admittedly, chasing Jason into of all the cliche things in the world, a fireworks factory, might not have been the best idea. But he was the hero now, and it was his job to bring in the bad guy. Even if the man had been his best friend. He had to talk him down, and make him see reason. Even in their wildest days, they never went this far off the reservation or the job.

“You didn’t do this for me asshole; this wasn’t some grand fucking gesture. This was fucking suicide. I gave you a chance, you had an in. Now either stand down or I will bring you down,” Jensen yelled, crouching now. He had a shot, he could take the man out, save the woman he hostage that Jason had smuggled with him.

“You think I care? I just want you; I want things the way they were. It was just us until you had to go fucking noble and shit! What’d Morgan offer you? His cock to suck or or you to just bend over for him? Do you bend over for him like you used to do for me?” Jason squeezed the neck of the woman he was holding and Jensen had to fight not to just fire and hit her-and Jason.

He knew it was a low blow, bringing up their past like that. But Jensen wasn’t going to fall for it.

“No asshole, he got me,” Jensen’s head popped up as he watched Chris drop from the ceiling, like he was a motherfucking ninja. He only heard the other man because his mic was apparently keyed as he said it but it didn’t matter to Jensen. Chris managed to get the drop on Jason long enough for Jared and Morgan to appear and secure the hostage and Jason respectively. Jensen finally felt that it might be good to stand then and was surprised that he wobbled as he stood. He reached out for something to grab hold of and found a pair of hands instead.

“Easy there cowboy, team’s here,” Jensen looked to his right and was surprised to see Danneel standing next to him.

“What the?” Jensen asked, genuinely confused.

“No time Jensen, we gotta go,” Jared said as he rushed past with Chris-Jason between them as Morgan led the now hysterical woman out of the building.

“How the fuck?”

“Jen, details later, less blowing up now please,” Danneel said as she forcibly shoved him out of the hole in the building Jensen had made earlier. Jensen went along numbly, letting Danneel take care of him. He was still very confused about everything and the hows and the whys. But the one thing that he counted on, since basically rebooting his life, his team, people he could actually call ~friends~, had come through, and he couldn’t have been happier about that.

-An Hour Later-

It would be at least an hour before Jensen got any answers. All he knew for sure was that both Misha and Jason were in custody, Danneel’s shoulder would heal and Morgan was actually being congratulated by Captain Anderson.

“You still in there?” Chris asked, handing him a cup of coffee as he sat down next to him. Anderson still wanted a full debrief and Jensen was trying to get his brain to restart so he could give that debrief.

“I dunno. Wanna tell me how you all found me? I’m still a little fuzzy on that and I’m sure Anderson will want to know that tiny detail,”

Chris smirked at him and Jensen felt a different tightness in his stomach. A good tightness. Fucking Chris and his fucking smirk.

“You’re not even listening to me, damn your head must really be fucked,” Chris just smirked again and Jensen was ready to fire back when both Morgan and Anderson came out of Anderson’s office. Surprisingly Anderson was still smiling-which really worried Jensen.

“Hell of a thing out there today gents, and while I loathe to say it, because it’s not in my nature-Good Job. Now, escort the asshole to the federal pen and take the next week off. Cause frankly, my ulcer needs a break, especially from you Ackles,” Anderson said.

“You don’t need my debrief?” Jensen asked, expecting something other than...what was going. It might have been the low-grade concussion he had going on was but this was not the status quo for what happened after ops.

“Nah, you’re team did it for you, so thank them later. Now get out of here,” Anderson said again, turning and walking away from the three of them.

“So that’s it?” Jensen asked again and Chris just clapped him on the back and turned him the opposite direction of where Anderson had walked, Morgan trailing behind them.

“Jensen, despite the total clusterfuck that was fighting your former partner and re-capturing Misha Collins, today was a win in our column. S.W.A.T. is slowly gaining its respect back in the eyes of the community and you’re a big part of that. So go home, relax and I don’t want to see you for a week.”

“I’ll make sure he gets home boss,” Chris says as he guided Jensen out of the precinct and into a car. Jensen didn’t even remember the ride home or getting inside his apartment until Chris sat him on the couch and handed him a beer. For a little while the two of them just sat there and drank their beer. Neither one spoke, too lost in their thoughts, going over the last couple of days in their heads.

“So,” Jensen finally said, leaning back farther into the couch.

“No chick flick moments,” Chris said, taking a swig of his beer. Jensen shook his head and took a swig of his own beer. No chick click moments indeed.


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