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One of the reasons that I left organized religion behind is because I can't stand the amount of hate and crap it breeds like mold in a shower. I know that not everyone that is Christian is as radical as some of them claim, but it's those that are the loudest "haters" that really fucking piss me off.

Case in point. Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell is a Christian. He released a Christian album during the boys hiatus time that garnered him a Dove Award (equivalent to a Grammy but in Christian music) and mild success (he toured with Mac Powel and other powerhouse Christian musicians during BSB hiatus). He's always said that he tries to live his life the way that God thinks he should live it and to stand up for what you believe in and that he hopes it translates through to his BSB fans.

Two weeks ago BSB and Brian were the Grand Marshall's at SF Pride. They played in front of 200,000 people, which is humbling and awesome.

But apparently some in the Christian Community are offended that Brian, a Christian, was Grand Marshal at something that the Bible says is a sin (i'm still looking for men to stop cutting their hair, cause Leviticus says that too bitches)

and someone who has too much time on their hands on twitter has decided that Brian's Christian career needs to suffer for it. He's started a campaign to let major Christian labels, stores and even artists know what Brian did a couple weeks back because Brian isn't promoting the Christian way.

This is what angers me. If you have a problem with the person, then don't buy their music. But don't start a fucking crusade to ruin someone just because you disagree. In my opinion, the only person that can judge a person when they die, if they believe in that sort of thing, is GOD. Not a human person with faults of their own.

so hence my rage and anger. I'm tired of those in the LGBT community and those that support LGBT getting hated on b/c of the ONE RULE Christians want to enforce, when there are like fifty more like them in the Bible. You can't be selective in your judgement, follow it all, or don't judge me.

this is gonna remain unlocked for one week, then i'm locking it down.


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