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Yep, I'm a lemming or a sheep or whatever

I'm more likely to add you back as a friend if you leave a comment, because that way I'll know that you've friended me.
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 stolen from [ profile] bergann who stole it from [ profile] msdillydally 
You're now a timelord. The 41st gif in your folder is your companion. The 17th gif is your arch enemy.



damn...that sucks lol
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This is my 2nd art related post for the [ profile] spn_reversebang and I'm happy to say that [ profile] puchuupoet did an amazing job with the writing portion. 

So be sure to check out the story here and enjoy the art :)

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 Art Prompt Title: 2015
Art link: Art Masterpost
Artist: [ profile] silentthunder_x 

Fic Title: I Came To Make A Bang
Author: [ profile] freetodream5 
Fandom/Genre: J2 RPS
Pairing(s): Jensen Ackles/Christian Kane; Past Mention of Jensen Ackles?Jason manns
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,954
Warnings: Cursing, between boys? Also, so not beta'd yet. But as soon as it is, I'll update the fic with the cleaner version. If you notice something glaring, please PM me and let me know, and not leave it in the comments, thanks!

Summary: “Two roads diverted in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost.

This story is based heavily on elements from the movie S.W.A.T. Some of the dialogue is taken from the movie itself, so if you recognize it, that’s where it came from. I twisted some things around, and I hope you like it.

Thanks: I’d like to thank my artist, silentthunder_x who has had the patience of a saint, as well as the mods at spn_reversebang. Thank you for being willing to switch dates and not kill me. This was a fun experience and I hope to be able to do it again next year!

I Came To Make A Bang )
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So I was not only an artist for [ profile] spn_reversebang but I also got to write fic for the amazing art that [ profile] silentthunder_x  made for this comm. Behind the cut is all the work she did and as soon as the mods release it i'll update this post with the link to the fic. 

Fic: I Came To Make A Bang

I Came To Make A Bang Art )
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 This is the official Fan Mix Post for [ profile] cala_jane 's amazingly awesome "Colbert & Fick: The Case in Point(s). Be sure to check out the previous post here for the art and read the fic and tell [ profile] cala_jane how much you love it!

The Fan Mix: Colbert & Fick )
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 I had the honor and privilege to craft not only art but music for the amazingly awesome [ profile] cala_jane and her [ profile] warbigbang fic: Colbert & FIck: The Case In Point(s). She took our favorite Generation Kill boys and placed them inside a neatly crafted universe loosely based on Rizzoli & Isles from TNT, and she means loosely. :D

But seriously, I thank her for writing such an amazing fic! I could have made art for this til the cows came home. So behind the cut is all the art and the next post will be all about the music!

Colbert & Fick: The Case in Point(s) )
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 I had the awesome privilege to create a fanmix for [ profile] lakeeffectgirl 's amazing [ profile] warbigbang fic "And My Glory Shall Be Love". It's an amazingly awesome kickass fic that takes the Generation Kill boys and puts them in this amazing au. I'll let the summary do the talking and after the cut is the art, as well as the music. I put it all in a zip, but if you want something individual, let me know and i'll upload it for you. 

Summary: There is little that Agent Mike Wynn takes more seriously than the life of Vice President Nate Fick. When the number of death threats starts to climb, he calls in the one person he's sure he can trust, USMC Sgt. Brad Colbert, and assigns him the 24/7 task of being the Vice President's shadow.

All My Life I've Been Searching for Something... )
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I made art for the SPN Reverse Bang. My writer is [ profile] hunters_retreat and I am assured that the fic is awesome so be sure to check out the comm [ profile] spn_reversebang for some awesome art and fic

these wicked lies we well )
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 This time I was totally honored to work with [ profile] farleigh and do art for her fic "Caitlin

As I told her recently, it was challenging to me because of the upbeat nature of the fic-it's very happy, and thus happy pictures were needed. Often time when I do art it's not all that happy, or there's not a lot of smiling going on. The art for [ profile] farleigh called for the opposite of what i'm used to and it was an awesome challenge for me. 

Once again however, I suck at giving credit where credit is due, so if you see something that I used that's yours, tell me in comments so I can credit you. I only hope to gain inspiration from sites like [ profile] weapon_icons [ profile] mutsie_brushes [ profile] bitter_endings,, any images i find on and other places around the net. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pieces. Follow the fake cut below

let them be little )
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I was honored to be able to create some really nice pieces of art for [ profile] peculiar_mind aka Jady for her fic "Crossing Forks"

I have to admit, I am really horrible of keeping track of who i borrow things from and where, but I know that the majority of my resources for this project came from various tutorials at [ profile] bitter_endings , [ profile] weapon_icons , & [ profile] mutsie_brushes as well as several free downloadable font and brush websites. 

If you see something that I used, and it's yours, please tell me so I can give credit where credit is due. I only meant to use the resources found above to inspire me, and no copyright infringement, etc, is intended. 

On To The Art! )
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One of the reasons that I left organized religion behind is because I can't stand the amount of hate and crap it breeds like mold in a shower. I know that not everyone that is Christian is as radical as some of them claim, but it's those that are the loudest "haters" that really fucking piss me off.

Case in point. Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell is a Christian. He released a Christian album during the boys hiatus time that garnered him a Dove Award (equivalent to a Grammy but in Christian music) and mild success (he toured with Mac Powel and other powerhouse Christian musicians during BSB hiatus). He's always said that he tries to live his life the way that God thinks he should live it and to stand up for what you believe in and that he hopes it translates through to his BSB fans.

Two weeks ago BSB and Brian were the Grand Marshall's at SF Pride. They played in front of 200,000 people, which is humbling and awesome.

But apparently some in the Christian Community are offended that Brian, a Christian, was Grand Marshal at something that the Bible says is a sin (i'm still looking for men to stop cutting their hair, cause Leviticus says that too bitches)

and someone who has too much time on their hands on twitter has decided that Brian's Christian career needs to suffer for it. He's started a campaign to let major Christian labels, stores and even artists know what Brian did a couple weeks back because Brian isn't promoting the Christian way.

This is what angers me. If you have a problem with the person, then don't buy their music. But don't start a fucking crusade to ruin someone just because you disagree. In my opinion, the only person that can judge a person when they die, if they believe in that sort of thing, is GOD. Not a human person with faults of their own.

so hence my rage and anger. I'm tired of those in the LGBT community and those that support LGBT getting hated on b/c of the ONE RULE Christians want to enforce, when there are like fifty more like them in the Bible. You can't be selective in your judgement, follow it all, or don't judge me.

this is gonna remain unlocked for one week, then i'm locking it down.
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Just got done with 1st full bsb concert! It was awesome and amazing! Boys were dorkd and I've never laughed so hard. Didn't appreciate the creepy stalker or the random cops and I will post more later but this was awesome and fun and totally worth the 10 hour trip me and [ profile] sly_fuck are about to embark on. Also thanks to [ profile] onigaminanashi for letting us crash and[ profile] bjjones too!
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a classy F U to BP via Lenny Kravitz, Mos Def, the Preservation Hall Band, Trombone Shorty and Tim Robbins (directed I believe)

BP makes me fucking sick and I am so angry about this and feel helpless all at the same time
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let me start off by saying the my hometown is set in the idyllic pinetrees of Northern Arizona. We're a football town, we're a historic town (territorial capital of Arizona before it was moved to phoenix, doc holiday died there, the "world oldest rodeo" is there) but we're also a town stuck. when I graduated high school in 1997, i could tell you that there were four African American students in the school, and I graduated with 3 of them. the rest of the student population was white and native american with some hispanic. but the majority was definitely felt. I love my hometown for a lot of things. but yesterday, I kind of hated it. a lot.

because first there was this: Art Attack: Elementary school mural getting a 'lighter' facelift - The Prescott Daily Courier - Pres

Which upset me because A) I went to that school and it's a beautiful mural and it represents the changing landscape in my hometown. a friend of mine who is a resident there, posted two follow up articles here and here

both responses are representative to what a lot of people feel is going on in my little crazy hometown. i haven't talked to my parents yet, but i'm pretty sure my mom doesn't like the mural, despite her somewhat forward thinking ways. *snort* if she only knew about her forward thinking daughter. But I digress. the thing that frustrates me the most.

Someone in Prescott must love livejournal because my little hometown has made the ONTD LJ. i'm afraid to go see what they're saying about it, because I already know. It's kind of like how when W was president and being an ass, how people judged the entire country by him. now people are judging prescott by a city councilman who is still stuck in the 1950's. That's not what Prescott should be about and i know that my town is not the only one that suffers from this but still. what kind of message is that sending?

if you're interested in the ONTD LJ comments etc go here
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i love twitter

all i'ma gonna say

oh and there might be a friends list cut coming soon. haven't decided yet. all depends on if the bastard that is my computer is still living or not when i get home. fucking hell people.

FOUR MORE DAYS STILL FIGURE SKATING (not calling it a concert so it'll happen)

that's all. how're you people?

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filched from my fanclub membership on BSB

I know some of you don't care about BSB or my *ahem* obsession. But take a moment to have a good laugh, and they freely admit that their retards in the fun way.

We thought we were black *snort* )

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lately i've been thinking that I want to have more discussion about what's going on outside of fandomy things on LJ. Take for instance the Speech that President Obama is going to be giving on Tuesday to students across the nation. A lot of school districts aren't showing it. A lot of them are. I'm just wondering what the big deal is, ya know. I want to talk this out in a reasonable manner without it coming to blows about right and wrong and politics. Honest discussion about issues where everyone's opinion and stance is respected.

then I wake up and realize I live in reality.

but on a serious note, this article here, is something I would love to discuss out with someone. Because who's in the right here? who's in the wrong? is it insensitive? is it not? This is stuff I kinda miss from college. Having discussion. IDK maybe I'm just..weird.

three day weekend and i've got some stuff to deal with/work on. may be getting a bed. WOOT. and not have to pay for it until next friday WOOT WOOT!!

how's everyone else?

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Once upon a time there was a little challenge listed on the sylum list. The charge was to create a fanmix that you felt conveyed some part of Sylum and the stories therein.

I took this challenge and I kicked it's ass. I present

"And Now For Something Completely Different"
A Sylum Fanmix with no clear theme/meaning

Behind the cut of awesome is the cover art and list of songs, with lyrics and hopefully a little explanation as to why I chose them.

to get to the music, click here EDIT: the link has all unlocked songs now! Sorry!
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